One of the things people ask me the most is what do I do in my everyday life.

I wanted to show you a corner of Monaco that not all tourists have the luxury of visiting (because when you go sightseeing, you normally go to the busiest and most visited places), but if you are planning on visiting Monaco, you can’t miss one of the most emblematic markets of this principality, which is called Saint Charles.


There you will find the best fruit and vegetables. There is no comparison to their colors and aromas.

And this is one of my favorite activities. I love shopping and I always am careful of the fruit and vegetables I take home because I like to take care of what my family eats.

Another favorite place of mine where I could get lost for hours due to its beautiful views is the Famous Café de Paris. It is one of the busiest places of Monaco. If you go in summer, it is always packed. You can have lunch, have a coffee, get a yummy ice cream and even have dinner…

I love drinking their delicious juices and their «Paris sandwich» is a must! That right there would be the beginning of a happy afternoon!


And last but not least, those who know me already know my passion for flowers. They brighten up every room of my house and add life to it. Whenever I can, I sneak away before lunch to get some beautiful flowers for our table to brighten up our lunch. I love this florist. To me, it is a top place in Monaco because of its location and because they sell the most beautiful flowers.