Hi there!
One of the main reasons why we often fail to persevere and achieve our goals is because we are lazy, and how terrible is it when this feeling knocks on your door?!

How to beat laziness? It is a question that we ask ourselves many times, and today I want to give you some tips that helped me not give up. I confess that I’m still getting there, who isn’t really?

From time to time, we all set new goals and many times, we stop halfway without having achieved them. When this happens, it is because it is common for us to procrastinate. This is how you end up telling yourself that you are not yet ready to start or that you will do it next week and then, it becomes the following month, until time runs out and with it, the passion that prompted you to achieve that goal fades away.


Why do we give up so easily? Right after you resolve to do something, has it ever happened to you that, out of the blue, all of a sudden you think about postponing it to the following day? If so, I understand you. However, even if that thought is common, things obviously don’t work that way.
It is no secret to anyone: Changing old habits is complicated. And as a result, we get tired, we get bored very quickly and fall into the clutches of that evil thing called laziness that ultimately leads us to give up. So how do we overcome laziness? You should not expect your life to change spontaneously. The secret is to take steps forward, little by little with wisdom.

With this thought, my intention is to sow a small seed in you that encourages you to overcome laziness. Start with something simple, like changing your habits. Do not forget that nothing changes overnight without effort.
Did you know that the average time to create and consolidate a new habit takes from 14 to 20 days? Compare that process with the time required for a plant to grow healthily. In the same way, you should take care of your new habit. Do it by disciplining yourself in repeating that action day after day. Even if you get it wrong or fail, try to keep an optimistic attitude and speak well of yourself. Remember that every day is a new opportunity to continue trying. Encourage yourself today to take small steps that will lead you to be successful and always keep in mind the benefits of modifying your habits and you will overcome laziness.