Hi there! How are you? I am frequently asked by many of you about my marriage and how we have persevered to make it last for so many years. Building a successful marriage is not easy. In fact, success as a couple is not about everything being perfectly smooth. Success in a couple is finding the balance in everything. I know that living together as a couple can be a challenge, and I say “challenge” because when you get married and try to fit the character and lifestyle of two people together, who are used to living on their own, can get quite challenging and complicated. That is why, today I want to share some tips that I’ve learned over time on how to build a successful marriage.



Okay, let’s be honest … Women love to be right, but this habit causes terrible damage to our marriage.

When living together, we need to learn to compromise. That’s why my advice for you is this: If you are right in the middle of an argument or disagreement with your partner, do not just listen to them to respond with something that helps you get what you want. Believe me, when there is love in the midst, it is more important to know when not to speak or compromise than to be right. Let it all be for the well-being and peace of both parties.



Unlike singleness, living together as a couple is no longer just about you or what you want, but about the best for both of you.

My suggestion is that you do not act on your own even if you have the freedom to do so. The key is to take your partner into account when making decisions because for them, it is also important to feel valued, included and respected. After all, if you are now a couple, it means you are a team for everything and not just for some things.



Something that happens to most women is that if things do not go as expected, we usually take matters into our own hands. If according to your opinion, there is something that your partner is not doing well, the solution will never be to impose yourself and do it your own way. No. It is best to talk to him, let him know how you feel and, in love, help him improve. Communication is a key factor in living together.



When feeling hurt, some women tend to spread their anger, give the cold shoulder or appeal to pride; but none of these add to the relationship. On the contrary, they destroy it.