hose who know me know that keeping fit is something I try to combine with healthy eating. One of my favorite disciplines to practice is running due to its wonderful physical and mental benefits. Whether you rarely run or never run, I want to share with you 5 things that made me love this discipline so that you may be encouraged and motivated to practice it more frequently.


  1. It connects you with the environment

What I like most about running is that I can do it outdoors. Something I usually do is run along the Blue coast. When I run along those beautiful landscapes, it is impossible not to be inspired. From time to time, I stop to sit and contemplate the majesty of my surroundings and then, I realize how beneficial it is for me to be able to exercise outdoors. You simply connect with nature, and how good is that?!

  1. It improves your physical performance

If there is something I can assure you is that running improves your mood, fills you with energy and therefore, increases your performance. Just change the four walls of the gym for some fresh air. Think about it: It is much more pleasant and motivating to run outdoors than to do cardio on a treadmill.


  1. It helps break the routine

Although routine makes life easier, it is the number one enemy of motivation. For that reason, before talking about any exercise routine, I prefer to talk about discipline. That’s why I love to run, because every day I can take a different route from the previous one and while I run, I can adopt new rhythms and establish new distances.


  1. It has a positive impact on your health

Running does not only help you be fit, but also reduces your stress or anxiety levels; it improves the immune, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, strengthens the bones and speeds up the metabolism.


  1. It promotes a better rest

Perhaps it is because of the energy you use when practicing this discipline, but the quality of sleep improves when you run regularly, which allows you to get up every morning more rested and energized.

I love you!